• February 28, 2022
  • Curtis Thompson

Have you played king of crabs before? The game is pretty straightforward. Move around, kill crabs, eat their meat, grow big, and become the crab king. Of course, you’ll collect weapons and shields along the way to help you in your quest for the crab throne. 

There’s much more you can do and increase your chances of winning in the casino website. This guide will show you how to play, win, and other essential tips you need to know. With that said, let’s begin. 

The Basics Of King Of Crabs Game 

As said earlier, the game is simple to understand. All you have to do is move around, kill crabs, eat their meat, and grow large enough to become the crab king. As you do that, you gather weapons and shields that would help you in your adventure. 

But beware: those who wear the crown attract the wrath of those who don’t. You are visible on the map as the crown icon when King, allowing any crab to challenge you for the throne.

Complete tasks, earn coins, collect pearls, and cash on the beautiful crab grab machine. If you want to invest your gathered pearls, you can buy a royal crab grab for greater rewards or earn royal crab grabs by completing tasks and ranking.

Try to find the letters for mega big along the route so that you can transcend crab hold and reach the realm of kaiju, if only for a brief while. 

How To Win King Of Crabs Game 

king of crabs

The goal is to increase in size by killing and eating other crabs and animals (as well as bananas, coconuts, and other fruits and vegetables). Then, as you grow bigger, you’ll be able to take on increasingly stronger foes in this fish table game

Everything earns you points, and points propel you up the leaderboard — the winner is the King! Until they either die or give up. There is no such thing as a ‘win in the primary casino game mode.’

King Of Crabs Game: Determining The Level And Size 

Things can get hairy if crabs have leveled up and have the equipment. They can also use powerups and other items, so it’s not just about size. Size is only a measure of health. And there’s the matter of social standing.

Furthermore, the larger you become, the faster your HP depletes, so you must keep feeding to stay alive.

Essential Things To Know King Of Crabs 

Different types of Crabs are included below, along with some basic information.

1. Brown Crab

For a limited time, the brown crab’s special grants limitless Boost. This can be employed in both defensive and attacking situations. For example, it can make a quick getaway or engage in combat with adversaries. 

Boosted attacks do more damage. For example, a crab will be knocked over by boosted blows from the side or rear, forcing them to receive additional damage. This also makes it a good ganking tool.

2. Rainbow Crab

The rainbow crab’s special attack releases sticky slime that immobilizes foes. While the sticky goo slows foes, it also deals a lot of little ticks of damage to anybody nearby during the time. This will shred any shields that a crab may have. 

By slowing down the enemy, this skill can be used to flee. It can also be used to lock down an enemy, preventing them from fleeing or allowing you to reposition yourself.

3. Blue Crab

The blue crab’s ability freezes air within a small distance, immobilizing foes. In terms of tactics, it’s similar to the rainbow crab’s special. However, the blue crab’s special does not damage and is a one-time impact. It won’t hang around long enough to freeze any more crabs who wander in. However, such benefits aren’t permanent, and they can’t even turn the crab king around.

4. Robot Crab King 

The robot crab’s special unleashes numerous missiles on your foes. It’s a little telegraphed as targets materialize on the ground where the missiles would strike. They will automatically target random adversaries in your vicinity. If only one opponent is in your vicinity, they will all converge on them. On impact, the missiles cause damage in a small area.

5. Crab Spanner

The spanner crab burrows beneath the ground and reappears in an unexpected area. This is a defensive-only special. When engaged, you become immune to damage for a brief period while burrowing and reappearing somewhere on the map.

This escape, however, is a gamble because you might return immediately next to another enemy crab. So proceed with caution if you decide to utilize it. If your health is too low, you could be killed or starve before you can find food in your new location.

6. Stone Crab 

The stone crab king creates a shield that absorbs significant damage. This can be employed on both the offensive and defensive sides of the field. 

It can lessen what would otherwise be fatal damage while trying to run, allowing you to leave and find food to heal. You can take more damage offensively during a fight, but it won’t help if you can’t kill the enemy quickly enough.

7. Tasmania Giant Crab

king of crabs

The Tasmanian gigantic crab fires everything in its path, causing everything to burn. When this is engaged, it deals fire damage to all crabs in the vicinity over time. It does more damage than the poison of the snow crab, although it only does damage.

8. Mantis Shrimp 

The mantis shrimp’s special attack is a massive punch that deals massive damage and stuns the opponent. This move not only does a lot of damage, but it also flips the opponent crab over and propels it away from you. 

This makes this special useful for avoiding battles. You can toss foes into other adversaries or even a monster to initiate combat. If you don’t use this launch as a finisher, you’ll have to chase after their flipped-over body.


Can I play King of Crabs with friends or is it a solo game?

‘King of Crabs’ supports both solo and multiplayer modes. You can join the game with friends and compete against or collaborate with them in the game’s expansive environment.

What are the system requirements for playing King of Crabs?

The system requirements for ‘King of Crabs’ typically include a compatible device (PC or mobile), a stable internet connection, and adequate hardware to support the game’s graphics. Specific requirements can be found on the game’s download page.

Are there any updates or expansions planned for the King of Crabs fish game?

Game developers often release updates and expansions for games like ‘King of Crabs,’ but specific plans would need to be checked on the game’s official website or through announcements made by the developers.


The King of crabs game is one of the best casino games to try out if you’re looking for an adventure. Hopefully, this guide will give you everything you need to help you in your gaming experience. If you’re a new player, you can always try out different game versions to find what’s best for you. You can check out the gaming library of Fire Kirin to find those options. Regardless, each game comes with its uniqueness, so there’s always something special waiting for you, including bonuses and promotions. 


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