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Looking to gamble at an online casino that has the best roulette payouts? Sign up at Fire Kirin today to enjoy significant payout in different games. But Before that, let’s jump into the topic and explain why roulette is one of the most profitable options that you have in online casinos. 

There is this popular opinion about luck-based games not being “fun” to play. Most people believe that being unable to influence gameplay outcomes takes away the excitement. Roulette is one of those games that has fallen victim to this misconception. Besides being considered boring, many individuals believe that roulette table payouts are not substantial.

Contrary to negative beliefs, roulette payouts are excellent. Even before the winnings, players will definitely enjoy a thrilling game. The suspense that accompanies that spinning action can cause the clouds to thicken.

This article will enlighten people about roulette table payouts, types, and charts. Hopefully, individuals will learn certain online casino tips to win big when playing roulette.

Roulette: Main Rules of the Game

Before discussing the roulette payouts calculator, we need to understand the basics of gameplay. A roulette game involves dropping a ball into a spinning wheel. Players will predict the hole where the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning.

The wheel contains numbers and colors, each having its respective values. These numbers are numbered 1-36. Before the spin, people will place their bets by selecting the numbers and colors of their colors.

Below are the major wagering options:

  • Low bets: betting on numbers between 1-12
  • Mid-bets: placing bets on numbers between 13-24.
  • High bets: betting on numbers between 25-36
  • Odd Bets: betting on odd numbers
  • Even bets: betting on even numbers
  • Color bets: betting on numbers that have a specific color.
  • Dozen bets: placing bets on 12 consecutive numbers. For example, 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, etc.
  • Snake bets: betting on numbers in a zigzag pattern. A famous example includes 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34.
  • Row and column bets: placing bets on all the numbers in rows or columns.
  • Multi-bets: betting on multiple numbers sharing borders at the same time. This involves placing the coin on the border, separating such numbers.

The choices of bets that people place will determine the odds and possible earnings. It is essential for users to understand roulette bets and payouts.

Roulette Payouts in Different Versions of the Genre

roulette payouts

Like with almost every online casino games with the best odds, there are different types of roulette. Each roulette has its unique payouts chart and calculator. In addition, they also have different gameplay rules.

Players need to understand each roulette table payout chart and identify the option that suits them best. 

American Roulette Payouts 

The American roulette payouts are very different from the other options. To better understand how the winnings vary, we need to examine the American roulette payouts chart. Before then, it is crucial to understand that the table or wheel has 38 numbers instead of 36. This is because there are green zero segments instead of one.

The addition of an extra green zero increases the odds of landing a particular number to 37/1. Similarly, the house edge now stands at a significant 5.3%. More so, the RTP value is 94.7%, making it lower than the alternatives. Besides the differences highlighted above, the wheel and other roulette gambling rules remain the same.

European Roulette Payouts 

The European roulette bets and payouts are pretty similar to those in American roulette. One notable difference, however, is that there are 37 available pockets instead of 38. This means players have a 35/1 chance of winning when betting on a single number.

As expected, this change in the roulette payouts calculator will also affect the gaming outcome. For example, the house edge stands at 3.%. This is almost half the amount on the American roulette payouts. In addition, the RTP value is more than 97%.

French Roulette Payouts 

The French roulette payouts chart is arguably the oldest in the history of gambling. Like its European counterpart, this game has 37 numbers. However, it differs slightly from other versions in terms of number placement. While European and American roulette arranges the numbers vertically, the French edition uses a horizontal arrangement.

Most people consider the French roulette as a variation of the European version. However, this game is a significant improvement on European roulette. For example, it has a similar house edge to the European type of this game. Even better, the RTP is much higher and is more than 98%.

In addition, players will get a 50% refund on their odd/even bet when the ball lands on the green zero. However, some casinos may lock in a player’s chips instead of issuing a refund. Nonetheless, people can still use their coins for a respin.

Roulette Bets and Payouts: Winning Strategies:

Without a doubt, luck is a significant determinant of roulette payouts. There is a system for the roulette payouts calculator that randomly determines the number that will appear. Despite the influence of chance, there are still measures that people can employ to increase their winning possibilities.

To ensure that this text is not taken out of context, these are not Fire Kirin cheats. Instead, they are strategies that increase a player’s favorable roulette table payouts and their chances of beating the house.

Below are some tricks people can utilize:

Choose the Right Roulette Game

roulette table payouts

The most crucial step is choosing the suitable roulette payouts chart with the best bets and payout. Anyone that fails to do this will find it challenging to earn money while gambling. Looking at the examples listed above, it is clear that the European and French versions are far better than the American roulette payouts.

While American roulette has more enormous odds, the house edge is very high. As such, people may find it more challenging to win. Instead, most gamblers are advised to opt for European or French roulette for a better payouts calculator.

Stick to one Strategy.

There are several strategies involved in playing roulette that every player must know about. These are simple actions that anyone can employ during the course of gameplay to increase their winning chances. Some of them include those listed below:

  • Double Street Bet
  • Parlay Strategy
  • D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

Each of these techniques works in unique ways and is contradictory in nature. In this regard, it is best to stick with one option during the course of wagering. Avoid the temptation of switching methods halfway through games. This will only hurt your winning chances further.

Opt for Higher Odds

Unlike when you are a high roller, it is best to avoid the green zero. However, that does not mean players should not aim for significant roulette table payouts. Understand the different online gambling real money options and their odds. Bigger odds mean more considerable earnings. Nothing stops people from placing mid to high bets to get a shot at something more worthwhile.

Observe for Patterns

Like with online casino slots real money games, nothing is totally random when you play roulette. Luck-based games use a random number generator that determines their return-to-player. A higher RTP value means a more consistent RNG. In simpler terms, even the random nature of the system will follow a pattern.

Considering this factor, players can observe patterns in the spinning wheel. This may not be an apparent path that points people in specific directions. However, there may be certain events that may hint to players about the possible outcomes.

Never Chase Losses

Before choosing roulette variations, people should set aside the amount of money that they want to spend. The essence of doing this is to manage their behavior during the course of gambling. Most often than not, individuals tend to overcompensate for their actions in an online casino.

To ensure that you take home a profit, avoid chasing games. Know when to stop. It does not matter whether you are on a losing or winning streak. All it takes is one misfortune to ruin everything. Besides, there are no certain chances that you will turn around the gaming outcome if you continue.


What are the payouts for roulette?

roulette table payouts

Roulette payouts mean the equivalent that players will earn if they bet on a particular outcome.

How to calculate roulette payouts?

Roulette payouts calculator works by dividing 36 (or 37 in American roulette) by the number of squares a single bet covers on the betting table. After that, subtract the number 1 (representing the green zero).

How do roulette payouts work?

Payouts in roulette work in a ratio of 35:1. Numbers with higher odds offer lower earnings, while those with lower odds promise more significant winnings.

What is the highest payout in roulette?

The highest roulette payout is a straight bet. This is when a player correctly predicts a single number as the result of a spinning wheel.

What are the payout odds in roulette?

Below are the payouts odds:

  • Straight bet – 35:1
  • Split bet – 17:1
  • Street bet – 11:1
  • Corner bet – 8:1

What are the payouts on roulette tables?

Payouts in roulette are the amount of money players will earn when they bet 1 dollar on the outcome of a spinning wheel.

What is the best payout in roulette?

The best payout in roulette is the straight bet with a 35:1 odd.


While specific gaming outcomes are determined by luck, there are still strategies that people can employ to increase their roulette payouts at mobile casino websites. Some of them include those listed in this article. While they are not sure-win measures, they can positively alter the probabilities.

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