• November 29, 2023
  • Curtis Thompson

Real money casino gambling is not legal in all US states, and even when it is legal, there is enough red tape to take the fun out of what should be a good time. If you’re looking for an online casino experience in the US, your best option is Sweepslots Casino.

Sweepslots online casino is legal in all states and offers an authentic casino gambling experience. The best thing about Sweepslots Casino is that you’re not required to spend real money or make deposits to your gambling account before being allowed to play games. The only barrier to playing is when you’re under the legal gambling age or live in Washington State.

However, not spending money on sweepstake slots does not mean you cannot win real money prizes on the reels. Follow us as we break down the process of registering on this platform. We will also take you through the best games, how to play them, and the bonuses available to new and existing players.

Let’s go.

Sweepslots Casino: An Overview

sweepslots casino

Sweepslots Casino is a social casino available for desktop and mobile users. The casino website is optimized for heavy sweepstakes gaming, including multiplayer fish games, video arcade games, live games, and many more.

The most important thing about Sweepslots online casino is its sweepstakes model. This model helps the casino bypass US gambling laws to provide authentic casino gambling experience to all players in all states except Washington.

Sweepslots games are free to play. The casino charges no fee on registration or after registration. Also, the mode of gambling is different from regular online casino gambling; instead of using real money or casino credits for playing, Sweepslots Casino offers virtual currencies, which you will use for all types of gambling you want to do.

The games revolve around Sweeps Coins and Gold Coins. These two coins are Sweepslots Casino no deposit bonus offers for new players. As a new player, you can get up to 10,000 Gold Coins and about 500 Sweep Coins for free.

How Does Sweepslots Casino Work?

sweepslots online casino

Sweepslots online casino is a sweepstake, meaning players on this platform can play games with Sweeps Coins or Gold Coins instead of using real cash. The sweepstakes model reduces real money loss on the reels or gambling tables without necessarily removing the casino rewards attached to the game.

Sweep coins are special sweepstake game currencies that cannot be bought with real money. This coin can only be gotten from the casino operator as part of Sweepslots Casino no deposit bonus offers or as a reward for purchasing Gold Coins from the casino store. This coin can also be redeemed for real money prizes in the casino.

Gold Coins are the main currencies used in sweepstakes casinos. These coins can be used to play any game on the Sweepslots gaming platform. However, it holds no monetary value, which means you cannot redeem it for real money rewards.

You can purchase Gold Coins from the casino. For every Gold Coin you purchase, the casino will give you free Sweeps Coins, which can be used to play real-money casino games.

What are Sweeps Coins on Sweepslots Casino?

Sweepslots online casino is designed to provide players with social and real money entertainment. If you’re looking to win real money casino rewards, you have no choice but to become familiar with Sweeps Coins. This coin is the only way to get real money wins on the Sweepslots platform.

Sweeps coins are usually given to players as part of Sweepslots Casino no deposit bonus offers. You can also get more Sweeps Coins by participating in casino promotions campaigns like referrals, daily sign-ins, etc.

It is important to note that you cannot purchase Sweeps Coins with real money; they can only be given for free. And if you have exhausted the free coins, you can always request more from the casino. Although, the casino operator automatically adds 10 Sweeps Coins every 24 hours.

How to Get Free Sweeps Coins on Sweepslots Casino?

You can only get Sweeps Coins for free. The following are the acceptable options to get your Sweeps Coins:

  • First deposit bonus: you get free coins on your first purchase of Gold Coins. Sweepslots offers a 100% bonus on Sweeps Coins.
  • Later Deposit Bonus: after the first deposit, further purchases of Gold Coins will give you a 2.5% bonus on Sweeps Coins.
  • Sweepslots Casino bonus codes: you can also get free Sweeps Coins with your bonus codes. If you have a bonus code, enter it in the casino promotions tab, and you’ll be given your free coins immediately.

What are Gold Coins on Sweepslots Casino?

Gold Coins are the most common sweepstakes casino currencies. If you’re at the casino for entertainment, these Gold Coins will be your ticket to all games on the platform. However, unlike Sweeps Coins, you cannot redeem Gold Coins for real money prices. The coins are essentially for playing on the online casino software alone.

You can get Gold Coins free by participating in Sweepslots online casino promotions. You can also purchase them from the casino store with real money.

Sweepslots Casino Bonus Codes

sweepslots casino bonus codes

Sweepslots online casino already offers bonuses and free coins to new players joining the platform. But do you know you can get better bonuses by getting one of the casino’s numerous bonus codes?

Over the years, there have been many codes that players have used to get lucrative Sweepslots Casino no deposit bonus deals. Some of the codes include PLAYBONUS, MAXCOINS, COMMENT, etc.

You can get 30 Sweep Coins and 30,000 Gold Coins from the casino with the above bonus codes. This bonus offer is open to anyone above 18 living outside Washington State.

Sweepslots Casino: Best Games to Play on the Platform

There are many games that you can play on Sweepslots casino. This casino boasts some of the best games from the most reputable sweepstakes software providers. If you’re new to this online casino, here are the best games you can play:

Online slot machines

If you’re looking for slot machine games that pay real money, you should head to Sweepslots Casino immediately. This casino offers some of the highest-paying slot games online. 

You need to assemble three identical symbols on the reels to win the jackpot prizes attached to these games. Some slot machines you can play on this platform include Happy Duck, Colosseum, God of Fortune, etc.

Fish table games

Fish table casino games are a casino gaming genre that is getting more popular daily. Fish tables are more stable casino games than slot machines and depend more on your skill level.

These games take place underwater and usually involve several fish creatures like crocodiles, crabs, koi fish, whales, etc.

To play this game, the casino operator provides two water cannons placed on the screen. You use the water cannons to catch the fish. Your payout depends on the number and value of fish you catch.

In fish arcade games, the fish do not have the same values. The ones with huge payouts are scarce and hard to catch, so you must remain patient and be ready to move at the slightest sighting. The small fish do not have high payouts, so focusing on them can lead to a loss when you compare the amount you used to buy bullets to the amount you win.

The best fish games on Sweepslots Casino are Baby Octopus, Crocodile Adventure, Ocean King, etc.


Roulette is a classic online casino gaming option. This game involves spinning a wheel and placing bets on numbers or colors on the wheel. Roulette is one of the casino games with the best odds, but it all depends on the bets you make and the type of roulette you’re playing.

The American roulette is harder to win because it has a double zero (0,00) wheel. The odds of winning the jackpot in American roulette is 37-1. But you have a 35-1 chance of winning in French and European Roulette. The game’s odds can improve depending on the types of bets you make.

Sweepslots Casino App: How to Download?

Sweepslots Casino has one of the best online gaming platforms in the US, making it a platform of choice for most gamers. The gaming platform is suitable for all devices, whether mobile or desktop.

If you’re using your mobile phone to access the casino website, you’ll find user-friendly and highly compatible gaming software at your disposal. The games are also designed to fit your screens and provide an optimal gaming experience.

Though the Sweepslots Casino app is not available for download now, you can always enjoy the mobile casino experience by playing Sweepslots games on your phone.

FAQ on Sweepslots Casino

How does Sweepslots social casino work?

Sweepslots Social Casino offers players a free casino gaming experience. You don’t have to spend a dime to play the games. Instead, the casino gives you free credits to play whatever games you want.

What games are available at Sweepslots online casino?

Sweepslots online casino offers several casino gaming options, including the big slots 777, fish games, baccarat, video poker, roulette, blackjack, etc.

Can I win real money at Sweepslots Casino?

Yes, you can win real money casino prizes at Sweepslots Casino. The only way to win real money prizes is to redeem your Sweeps Coins for the rewards.

How do I get free chips at the Sweepslots Casino app?

To get free chips at Sweepslots Casino, you must enter Sweepslots Casino bonus codes on the promotions tab. After this, the casino operator will credit you with the required number of chips you’ve gotten.

Can I use bonus codes at Sweepslots Casino?

You can use Sweepslots Casino bonus codes to get better and more lucrative deals for yourself.

Does Sweepslots Casino have a mobile app?

No, Sweepslots Casino does not have a mobile app. But you can experience mobile casino gaming by using the website’s mobile interface on your mobile phone.


Sweepslots Casino is one of those platforms that combines the thrill of real money gaming with social and fun gaming. Regardless of your aim, Sweepslots Casino provides you with the best online casino gaming options you’ll ever need. You can play these games for free and earn real money prizes without spending a dime out of your money. Register on BitPlay Casino now to play Sweepslots games for free.

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