• January 15, 2022
  • Eric White

Pay quickly and securely in the online casino – every player wants. But which online casino payment methods are suitable for this?

We compared the best online casino payment methods. You can find which ones are exceptionally safe, reliable, fast, and comfortable on this page. You will also receive our top casino recommendations!

The payment methods in our list have proven to be particularly suitable and safe for making deposits and withdrawals. Whether e-wallet, credit card, or instant banking – the casino payment methods are convincing with immediate credits. The protection of your data is also taken care of. You will find out which advantages the payment methods offer and how you can make a deposit in the following.

Basics of casino online gambling payments

The term “casino online gambling payments” concerns both withdrawals and deposits. It goes without saying that if you want to play real money casino games, you will have to make a deposit to your online casino account. Usually, online casinos offer multiple deposit methods in order to facilitate the payment process for players and encourage them to keep their accounts topped up.

When it comes to withdrawals, one thing to keep in mind is that some online casinos have transaction fees for cashing out. This means that sometimes you won’t be able to withdraw your entire winning. However, the fees are usually low.

In both cases, your casino must handle the transactions in an efficient way. In other words, you should always opt for platforms that process the transactions quickly without any delays.

Main criteria for online casino payment methods

Different factors play a role when evaluating the individual payment methods in online casinos. These criteria reflect what players want when making payments in online casinos. Comfort, safety, and speed are essential. But other characteristics also play a role. You can find out which ones are here:

  • Easy deposit
  • Mobile suitability
  • High security
  • Fast credit
  • No fees
  • Easy payout

In addition to the criteria mentioned, the online casino payment methods differ in their handling. For example, online casino payments can offer different login and verification processes. For some, it is sufficient to provide a bank account. Others require registration and the use of a fixed PIN code.

Therefore we give you a tip to choose a payment method that suits your preferences. In most cases, this will be a payment option for deposits in the online casino that you trust for online purchases anyway. However, our article should also show you some very suitable alternatives that you can use for depositing and withdrawing in the online casino.

Essentials for online casino deposit

best online casino payment methods

Beginners, in particular, ask themselves: How can we deposit in the online casino and online sweepstakes cafes? The payment process in the online casino is straightforward as soon as you have registered with the casino. Although the deposit differs slightly depending on the online payment methods, all services have these seven simple steps in common:

  1. Enter the casino website.
  2. Click on Deposit.
  3. Select the desired payment method.
  4. Enter the desired amount.
  5. Confirms the payment with a PIN or password.
  6. Check the information.
  7. Receive the credit and enjoy your welcome bonus and other casino promotions.

These are the ten most popular online casino payment methods in the US and Europe for gamers who want to win the best jackpots:

  1. Paysafecard: Most popular internet sweepstakes payment method
  2. Bitcoin: Trending among German gamers
  3. Apple Pay: The No. 1 for mobile gamers
  4. Klarna: lightning-fast deposits
  5. Neosurf: Not an insider tip for a long time
  6. MuchBetter: Popular e-wallet for online gamers
  7. Visa: Most popular casino payment option
  8. Trustly: without cards, app download, or registration
  9. Mastercard: Accepted in practically all online casinos
  10. Pay N Play: Trustly’s service, especially for online casino games

Instant banking: transfers with no bank runtime

The instant banking payment methods are among the most popular services in online trading and online casinos, especially for those who enjoy playing such games as slots, multiplayer fish games, etc. These are based on a simple principle: They allow an immediate transfer from your bank account without bank delays. The service immediately forwards the payment data to the casino. However, the actual debiting from your bank account can still be delayed.

The best-known online casino banking services in this category include Trustly. The disadvantage of instant banking methods is that you have to be a customer of a participating bank.

E-wallets: online accounts for quick transactions

online casino payment methods

Anyone who opts for an e-wallet for deposits in the online casino receives an independent cash deposit. To do this, you have to register with the independent payment service. After that, you will receive a complete account with your account manager. The e-wallets can be fully managed via a website. There are also unique mobile apps for many services.

The well-known e-wallet PayPal has currently withdrawn from online gambling, so we recommend the PayPal casino alternatives at this point. With Neteller or Skrill, there are ideally suitable alternatives for payments in the online casino. E-wallets are ideal for all players who want their money depository for online purchases and payments in online casinos.

Credit cards: complete flexibility and wide distribution

Visa and Mastercard credit cards are among the most popular online casino payment methods. At the same time, the probability is very high that you already own one of the two map services. That is a significant advantage: The high distribution minimizes the additional organizational effort for the player. On the other hand, American Express is less common as an online casino payment method.

However, when it comes to credit cards, there is one thing you should keep in mind: Visa has meanwhile considered restricting its availability for online gambling. However, Visa is currently unrestrictedly available in online casinos. Withdrawal is not possible with the Mastercard. If you have deposited with this, you have to choose one of the other online casino payment options for the withdrawal. But you can also play in the casino without a credit card. You can find more information on our particular page on the subject.

Other online casino payment methods: prepaid, Bitcoin, Apple Pay & Co

online casino us payment methods

You can also choose from many other payment service providers. That also includes the Paysafecard, which can be bought for cash. You can purchase these at many participating points, such as gas stations or supermarkets. Again, this gives you a means of payment that you don’t have to register for separately.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are also growing in popularity. The decentralized payment method is often preferred by gamers for whom data protection is essential. CashToCode is a different provider: The online barcode is paid for in cash at a local partner outlet. Paying online casinos with mobile phone credit is not yet possible in online casinos in the USA. You will also find Apple Pay more and more frequently in the best casinos. The payment service is generally only available via Apple devices.

Online Casino payment methods: pros and cons

Some online casino US payment methods offer anonymity, which can be especially important for certain players. Such methods include crypto payments, which usually also proceed relatively quickly compared to other types of payments.  Despite these advantages, we must also note that cryptocurrencies are not accepted by all online casinos.

On the other hand, some players prefer to use their debit or credit cards for casino payments. This is precisely because they are more widely accepted. There are also players who opt for direct banking transfers for safety reasons, even though they can take more time to be completed.

Overall, every online casino payment method comes with its own pros and cons. So it is always up to the individual to decide which one works for him/her best.

Maximizing your online casino payment method: tips and strategies

Nowadays, a lot of players choose crypto payment methods in order to save time and money. As we noted above, crypto transactions are considered to be the fastest way to move your money. However, you should always check whether there is congestion in your preferred crypto network to avoid delayed payments.

Other than that, crypto transactions also cost less compared to other conventional methods. This is a very important factor that you need to keep in mind, especially when you have to make a lot of transactions which at the end of the day may cost you significant sums.

Bonus tip: Check out BitOfGold online casino for the best crypto gaming experience!


Are online casino payments secure?

Yes, in general, online casino payments are secure. However, some of them can be more secure than others. For example, bank transfers are considered one of the top online casino us payment methods when it comes to safety. 

How to choose the best payment methods for an online casino?

In order to choose the best payment method for you, you need to consider such factors as transaction fees, payment speed, security, and so on. After you make up your mind as to which one has more priority for you, it will be easier to make a decision.

What drawbacks do casino payment methods have?

Some of the common drawbacks of certain casino payment methods include high transaction fees, slow payments, and privacy issues.

What are the best online casino payment methods?

As we noted above, many players believe that crypto transactions are the best online casino payment methods. This is because of low transaction fees and quick payments.

What is the fastest casino online payment methods?

Nowadays, it can be safely said that cryptocurrencies are the fastest casino payment methods. So if time is your priority, you should definitely opt for crypto online casino us payment methods.


We can conclude our article with a positive result: American and European players’ online casino payment methods offer security and convenience. That is mainly because the providers rely on internationally known and renowned payment service providers. The regulation of online casinos also helps ensure that you do not worry about data protection and seriousness.

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