• February 6, 2023
  • Eric White

Slot games to win real money have been a popular form of gambling and for a good reason. 

With the increasing popularity of online casinos, the options for playing online slot machines for real money have become endless. 

From classic slots that pay real money with no deposit to modern online slots, there’s an option for every type of player, whether you are a high roller, low roller, experienced gambler, or a newcomer. 

Today, we’ll look through the chances of hitting the jackpot, winning strategies, the difference between real money slots and free slot machines, and the RTP rate of real money slots. 

We’ll also discuss different types of online slot machines for real money and provide tips on how to find the best option to play in 2023. 

So, this extensive blog post will give you the information you need to increase your chances of winning and have a great time playing slot games.

Slot Games to win real money: Chances of Hitting the Jackpot

slot games to win real money

When it comes to playing slot games to win real money, the potential for hitting the jackpot is a major draw for many players. 

However, it’s important to stress that the odds of winning the big prize can vary greatly depending on the specific game and online casino. In general, the chances of hitting the jackpot are considered to be relatively low. 

Despite this, winning big while playing online slot machines for real money is still entirely possible. It is all about luck. With a bit of patience and persistence, players can boost their chances of hitting the jackpot. 

Additionally, players can also opt for games with a lower jackpot but higher chances of winning to increase their chances of hitting a payout. With the right mindset and approach, players can still have a chance to win big while playing slot games.

Slot Games to win real money: Winning Strategies

There is no guaranteed way to win when playing online slot machines for real money; however, there are some game plans that can help you to boost your winning prospects. 

Importance of RTP and setting the budget

One thing to keep in mind is to choose a game with a high payout rate (return to player rate or RTP). This will provide you with a better chance of winning back more of your investment over time.

Another important tactic that we can recommend is to define your budget before starting your gambling session. Generally speaking, all sorts of gambling can be pretty addictive, so it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of playing slot games to win real money and lose track of your funds. 

slot games to win real money

By setting a budget and committing to it, you can insure yourself from financial inconveniences and have the opportunity to get fun gambling sessions.

Best online slots real money no deposit

Finally, our last recommendation is to look for promotions, no matter if they are offered by online casinos or slots themselves. For example, there are slots that pay real money with no deposit – these online casino no deposit bonuses are offered by online casinos. 

In the case of the best online slots real money no deposit, the bonus can come in the form of online slots free spins. On the other hand, there are slots that feature built-in bonuses that can be activated by lining up certain combinations of slot machine symbols

In any case, we advise aiming at bonuses, as they can boost your chances by a large margin. However, going for the best online slots real money no deposit is still the finest choice. 

The latest slots casino games to avoid

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing the latest slots casino games. Let’s review some of them.

First, you need to avoid unlicensed new slot machine games to win real money. This is because such slots cannot be trusted, and you may end up losing your gaming budget. When looking for the latest games, try to focus on those which are developed by reputable companies.

best online slot games to win real money

Second, try to avoid new slot machine games to win real money that seem to be copycats. There are a lot of slots that are branded as new, but, in fact, they just imitate the original versions.

Finally, you should also avoid expensive slot machine games to win real money that are based on celebrity figures/franchises. While they can be fun to play, usually, they offer low payout rates. However, this doesn’t apply to every slot that falls into this category. 

What top US slots casino games offer you to win real money

Top US slot casino games come with a couple of standard features. For example, they use a Random Number Generator system which ensures fair gaming and guarantees that the outcome of each spin is generated randomly. 

Another common feature of top US slots casino games is bonus features. Free spins are the popular bonus feature you will encounter in most of the best online slot games to win real money. 

The best online slot games to win real money also offer progressive jackpot opportunities. The idea of a progressive jackpot is that it increases every time the game is played and the jackpot is not activated. So when playing the best online slot games to win real money that come with progressive jackpots, you may end up hitting a very lucrative winning. 

Slot machine games to win real money vs. free slot machines

When it comes to online slot games, players have the option to choose either real money slot games or free slot machines. 

Free casino slots can be a great option for those types of players that recently stepped into the gambling industry and who are new to online slots. Thanks to free slot machines, these players are given the opportunity to feel for the game before risking any of their own money. 

However, there are also experienced players too who also want to try out different games, especially new releases, and find the ones they like best without any financial risk. So free demo versions of online slots are a nice opportunity for all levels of casino players.

It is obvious that the true gambling process always involves money, and every bit of excitement that it brings is associated with risking your funds. So the difference is evident, it’s about what you are looking for in the given moment.

slot games to win real money

The best payout slot games to win real money in US 2023

You can play many quality slots, but when it comes to the best payout slot games, Mega Moolah and Gonzo’s Quest are regarded as unmatched. These slot games are popular due to their RTP rates and fantastic bonus features. 

Other than them, you can also try out Cleopatra slot games. This Egyptian-themed online slot offers quality visuals and sound effects. The game is played on five reels and has 20 configurable win lines.

In addition to the listed games, we recommend trying out Admiral Nelson, which comes with a staggering 97% RTP rate. Admiral Nelson is an adventure-themed online slot with 5 reels and 10 win lines. The game also offers free spins and autoplay features. 

Finally, we recommend you check out Starburst. This shiny online slot has been a go-to choice for many players for a long time. Starburst offers an RTP rate of 96.1%. The game has 5 reels and 10 win lines. Starburst also comes with a quickspin feature, which can be ideal for those players who love fast-paced gaming. 

Comparison of the Top 6 Online Slot Sites for Real Money

In order to evaluate the quality of the online slot sites for real money, you need to first check the game library of the particular platform. After this, it is important to look into the RTP rates and variety of themes of online slots.

Considering the above criteria, we recommend you check out the Fire Kirin platform. This online casino is packed with quality online slots that can give you hours of entertainment. These games come from leading developers in the online gambling industry. 

You can also try out the Vegas7Games platform. Vegas7Games games have been offering players one of the best online slots for a long time. Many experienced players opt for this platform due to the straightforward interface and variety of online slots. 

Another platform that we recommend you check out is Riversweeps. Riversweeps is most famous for its top-notch online slot games. This platform also offers some of the most lucrative bonus opportunities. So make sure to take advantage of them too. 

Our 4th recommendation is RiverMonster. RiverMonster is a famous platform that excels in every aspect you can imagine. This platform offers a large set of top online slots and generous bonus opportunities. In addition, what makes RiverMonster special is that it is mobile-friendly. So you can enjoy your favorite slots even when you are on the go. 

Tip: Try out Luky 777 when you sign up for RiverMonster

Another platform we would like to recommend is Flamingo7. Flamingo7 offers a variety of online slot sub-genres. This includes fruit slots, inferno slots, vegas slots, and others. So no matter what type of slot you are into, you are guaranteed that you will be able to find them on Flamingo7.

Our final recommendation is Vegas X. Vegas X offers a unique slot game selection that is carefully selected considering many criteria. Some of the most popular slot games you can find on Vegas X include Bells on Fire Rombo, Hot Diamonds, Starburst, and Hot Twenty. Check out these games as they can potentially get you huge winnings!

In order to access these platforms, you can set up an account either on BitBetWin, BitOfGold, BitPlay, or BitSpinWin. 

Register an account on one of our recommended online casinos, activate bonuses, and play 

top-notch online slots!

RTP rate of real money slots

The RTP rate, or return to player rate, is the percentage of money that a casino game is expected to return gradually over time. The RTP rate of casino games always differs. 

But it is important to note that a higher RTP means a potentially higher payout. So when looking for real money slot games, in most cases, it’s always better to select games that offer higher RTP rates. 

Our recommendation is to aim for slots that offer an RTP rate of around 95% or more, as many specialists think that this is the very figure that makes the slot profitable for players. 

Different types of real money slots

best online slots real money no deposit

One of the advantages of slot games to win real money is that there are many types of them available online. Each of these Online slot machines for real money differs with their own unique features, themes, features, gameplay, and sounds. 

In terms of themes, players can find fruit slots, which feature a variety of different fruits as game symbols. There are also inferno slots that are characterized by fiery themes. Apart from that, players can come across adventure or mythical slots, as well as slot games based on famous TV shows or films.

On the other hand, as for different features, one can point out classic slots, progressive jackpot slots, 3D slots, and many more. The variety of choices is the primary reason why real money slot games have ever-growing popularity.

Find the best slots to play with these tips:

In addition to the RTP rate and built-in bonuses, another important factor to consider is the game’s theme and features. Some players prefer classic slots with simple gameplay, while others prefer more complex video slots with bonus rounds and special features. 

Since slots come with many themes and features, you can make sure that you choose the right one for you. 

Our final, and probably one the most important, recommendation is to choose a legit online casino for playing slot games to win real money. There are many new online casinos out there, but not all of them can be trusted. 

If you want to try a quality platform that offers slots that pay real money with no deposit, we can recommend checking out BitPlay online casino. 

BitPlay is famous for its cutting-edge technology that ensures the safety of data and transactions. With this online casino, you can be assured that your winnings will be in safe hands and can be withdrawn whenever you want. 

Overall, given the huge selection of slot machine games and a long list of casino promotions, BitPlay is one of the go-to options for those who are especially into this gambling genre. 


For those readers who want to find out more information about slot games to win real money, we have prepared a short questions and answers section, which can be found below. 

How do online slot games work and win real money?

Online slot games work using the so-called RNG system. This abbreviation translates as Random Number Generator. Once the player spins the reel, the RNG system generates the outcome randomly. If the randomly generated symbols form a winning combination, the player is awarded money. 

Can I play slots games real money for free?

No, you cannot play slots games real money for free. Real money slots involve real cash. So they cannot be played free of charge. 

Can I win real money playing online slots?

Yes, you can certainly win real money playing online slots. However, you need to consider that slots are a game of chance. So the outcome is generated randomly, and you do not influence the result.

Which online slots payout the most real money?

Some of the slots with the highest payout rates include Starburst, Mega Moolah, and Admiral Nelson. In addition to the listed slots, you can also try Admiral Nelson, Bells on Fire, and Hot Twenty.

What are free slot games to win real money?

You cannot win real money with free slots. However, instead of free slot games to win real money, you can aim for bonuses. When playing real money slots, you may be awarded free spins. Thanks to this bonus feature, you will be able to spin the reel up to certain times free of charge and win real money. 

What Slot Games Can I Play for Free and Win Real Money?

As we noted above, there are no free slot games to win real money. In order to spin the reel and stand a chance to win real cash, you will need to use your funds or activate a bonus feature, such as, for example, free spins. Alternatively, you can also take advantage of casino free credits that can be claimed by meeting specific requirements. 

How to Sign Up & Play Online Slots for Real money?

If you want to play quality online slots for real money, you can try out Fire Kirin. In order to sign up and play Fire Kirin slots, go to BitPlay, register an account, verify it, and make a deposit. After this, you will be able to access Fire Kirin slots. 

Are real money slots rigged?

No, reputable online casinos and game developers use random number generators to ensure that the outcome of each spin is completely random and fair. In order to avoid scammy websites, it is important to do your research and check out the reviews of a particular game or casino that you are considering. 

Can I Make a living by playing slots?

While it is possible to win large sums of money playing slots, it should not be considered as a reliable source of income. We recommend treating playing slots as a way of entertainment, not a way to make a living. Remember that this is the best approach to gambling. 

Are real money slots available on mobile platforms?

Yes, slot games to win real money are available on mobile platforms. Mobile gambling is a huge industry, while online slots are one of the most popular gambling forms. So almost all major slots are adapted to mobile phones.


In conclusion, by following the tips and strategies discussed in this blog post, players can better plan their gambling sessions and find the best slots to play in 2023. 

If you decide to go for slot games to win real money, we once again recommend setting a budget beforehand, choosing games with a high RTP rate, and selecting a reputable online casino for fair play.


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